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Robexia AI TechConsulting is a company with more than 20 years of experience automating processes for banking institutions, which evolve exponentially through Aritificial Intellingence. We offer consulting and the development of the projects.

Carlos Jaureguizar

Letter from the CEO

Computing power has generated a technological revolution without precedents that forces all of us to make decisions about our future. The companies that survive will be the ones that focus their human resources on creating the highest possible added value for them, leaving automatable tasks to algorithims and to technology, especially those based on Artificial Intelligence.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Until just a a few years ago, and important part of the financial work, including research and processes, was developed on the basis of simple assumptions imposed by low computing power. Statistics, economics, medicine and other sectors where experiencing a bottleneck in the mathematical ability of the moment. But all that has changed, opening up a field of opportunites that has just begun and that is capable of facing the complexity of the world with much more efficiency. Once it is demystified, and for this, business and technology must be combined, it becomes accesible and, eventually, necessary. But Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Sector differs from others, so it must be wisely used.

Why atomate processes?

The value of a company lies in the value generated by it’s human resources. But these resources can’t be used in automatable with no differential value work. Process automation boosts productivity, reduces incidents and costs, and allows you to compete on equal terms.

How do you get value from automation?

But the automation of processes is not trivial. On the contrary. The objectives have to be clear and the analysis methodology must be precise and effective. The entire casuistry must be covered, the function of each process must be understood and the maximun simplicity must be maintained, and any unnecessary elements should be eliminated.

Does automating mean that machines do people’s work?

Absolutely not. Automating means diving work into human value and automated value, however, sophisticated such automation may be. It involves getting the best our of each person, giving them time and resources. If everything that can be automated was automated at the present time, the working hours would be 16 hourse per week with twice the productivity. Focusing automation properly is everyon’es responsability.

And why Robexia?

Deciding which processes require Artificial Intelligence, which can be automated without AI and in which it is not justified automatic processes requires knowing the data, models and obbjectives to be achieved. And for this you have to be part of the entire chain, from the base of the business to the appropiate Machine Leaning algorithms. For others, 85% of the projects do not see the light due to the disconnection of their links. For us, that is not an option.

Because we accompany the client in the consulting, development and deployment of projects with a model based on quality, creativity and a deep understanding of how to make the posible adjacent a reality and how to creat requirements where there are none.

We work with scenarios where maintaining máximum simplicity and cost efficiency is our philosophy. We only cosider an extraordinary project a success.


Carlos Jaureguízar
Robexia AI TechConsulting CEO

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